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GIZ-funded CIV/PARIZON project : Training of young entrepreneurs in use of smart projector and Mergdata

  • 2 years ago

Training of young entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of GIZ-funded CIV/PARIZON in the use of smart projector and Mergdata by Access Agriculture, Bamako, Mali, 28-30 July 2021

About 30 participants, including 11 young Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERA) and 18 local partners from Green Innovation Centre (CIV)/PARIZON, were trained in the use of the smart projector and Mergdata in Bamako, Mali, 28-30 July 2021, with support from the GIZ CIV/PARIZON project. The participants familiarised themselves with the functions and use of the Digisoft smart projector (containing all Access Agriculture farmer-training videos) – that the ERAs had won through the Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund initiative. They also learnt how to use Mergdata to monitor and track data on video use and impact on beneficiaries. The training was conducted by the Access Agriculture Entrepreneur Coach for West Africa and colleagues based in Benin.

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