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The project in hurri hills, part 2

  • 6 years ago

Part 2 of our selected statements from the participants in Hurri Hills show how our students see their new opportunities at the lifestock market. Now they know the perfect time to sell animals during the “drought cycle”. Pastoralist Duba Wario, 54, from Hurri Hills tells us in an interview: „During rainy season we don´t sell our animals because they are healthy and strong and we get plenty of milk. But during drought we don´t get milk and end up selling livestock to buy food. As we are forced to sell people take advantage of us and buy at throw away prices. We make huge losses because sometimes we sell a goat for only 200 KSH. Through the training I realize that it is better to sell some animals during rainy period and reserve some money to use during drought.“ The new severe drought situation illustrates how important our training is!

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