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ERA field practice on use of smart projector

  • 1 month ago

Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERA) under go through hands-on training on use of smart projector for showcasing Access Agriculture farmer-to-farmer videos to the rural smallholder farmers in their communities. During the training session, the facilitators/coaches set up an ideal exercise for ERAs to set up a smart projector, prepare for a video show, screen the video and collect data during the show. The team invites a small group of farmers or youth nearby the training venue to participate in the activity after which they give their comments on where the ERA needs to improve. This helps the coach to quickly assess the ERA on the acquired soft skills and where they need more attention before going to the "real world" in the field.

In this video, Martha Kyokuhaire, one of the ERAs in Uganda was tasked to prepare and conduct a video show before the students at Gudie Leisure Farm in Wakiso, Uganda. She had to find where the students are located and the time they are available for the show (off class hours). It turns out that she could access them during the lunch hour. This is was a true picture that Access Agriculture team anticipates in the field where farmers are busy with their field activities. The entrepreneur needs to acquire skills of right timing and attract farmers for video shows but she/he needs to bear in mind of the already scheduled farm activities. 

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