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The less we sow the more we reap

  • 8 years ago

There was no ray of hope for those poor families, in Kantharia gram panchyat of Jhadol (F) block, Visma gram panchyat of Lunavato ka Kheda, and Bagdunda gram panchyat of Gogunda block in Udaipur district of Rajasthan, for coming out of vicious circle of important problems involving water, foodgrains, fodder, employment, poverty and migration. In such situation, with the financial aid of Andheri Hilfe Bonn Germany, WOTR has successfully implemented ‘Integrated Natural Resource Management and Village Development Programme’ with the continuous support of local population. This programme was successful in stopping water in the village and water in the field then and there, prevented soil erosion and fertilizers from being washed away and in increasing ground water level, in most of the villages. To increase confidence and self-respect of people; empowerment of women, formation of farmer’s group and community based organizations were promoted. Towards sustainable development… is a story of those who are, through ‘WOTR-Vasundhara Village Development Programme’, successful in breaking into the vicious cycle of many difficult problems faced by the villages. This story is about the positive change experienced by those poor families which inspire others to bring about such change.

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