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Milk Dilemma in Uganda

  • 3 years ago

This 30-minute film shows the side effects of importing Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle into Uganda. When repeatedly crossbred with local cattle these cows are more vulnerable to fatal tick-borne diseases, like East Coast Fever, than local cattle breeds. There is a substantial and rapidly growing use of antibiotics to counter these diseases, and as a result resistance to antibiotics is growing. Moreover, insecticides are widely used to control the ticks. Consumers buying milk produced by these cows are drinking a product that contains antibiotic and insecticide residues. Recent scientific reports predict that in the near future millions of people may die as a result of antibiotic resistance. Moreover, the widespread use of tick pesticides is affecting the country’s biodiversity. In 2015 a Dutch team consisting of a veterinarian, a farmer and an agronomist travelled to Uganda as part of the E-Motive international exchange program, and received their Ugandan colleagues in the Netherlands. Their experiences are shown in this film and the conclusions are alarming. Together they are now designing practical ways to reduce the use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming.

Camera and direction: Thom Verheul Editor: Jelmer Douma

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