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Organic Resource Management for Soil fertility

  • 3 months ago

The application of organic resources in agricultural land enhances soil fertility and quality, with positive social, economic and environmental impacts. However, the respective techniques have failed to be implemented in farmers’ cropping systems on a large scale. The ORM4Soil project identifies the agronomic, socio-economic, cultural, and communicative reasons that promote the adoption of tested agricultural technologies. The project aims at identifying practicable solutions that help farmers to build soil fertility. Innovations developed jointly by farmers and researchers, such as locally adapted forms of agroforestry, green manure and compost, are tested and evaluated for their potential to be adopted by more farmers. The ORM4Soil project’s methodology follows an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach with farmers, scientists and students working together in the fields of agronomy, sociology and communication. Further information: This video portrait was shot in Ghana and Mali, 2019 A short film by Food Systems Caravan - R4D synthesis project . ORM4Soil partners portayed in the video: FiBL – Organic Agriculture Research Institute IPR – Institut Polytechnique Rurale IER – Institut d’Economie Rurale University of Ghana Film Credits: Filmed and edited by Sara Baga Original Soundtrack by Gonçalo Sarmento Produced by Fernando Sousa Co-production: R4D and Liquen

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