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PROLINNOVA Cambodia: Visionary Farming

  • 11 months ago

PROLINNOVA is a global learning network that promotes local innovation led by small-scale farmers in sustainable agriculture and management of natural resources. Launched in 2001, PROLINNOVA is active in 17 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. PROLINNOVA partners support farmer-led research and development that improves livelihoods and food security of the rural poor. This, in turn, helps the farmers take better care of their land, animal and water resources. This video film captures highlights of the work of PROLINNOVA partnership in in Cambodia.

It looks at how PROLINNOVA partners have built links between schools of agriculture and farmer innovators, and nurtured links with provincial departments of agriculture in promoting participatory innovation development. Other films in this series profile PROLINNOVA partners' work in Niger and South Africa, while a global film overview film looks at a decade of accomplishments by the network and considers new challenges.

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