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Sawbo: فصل کی کٹائی کے بعد مائیکو ٹاکسنز کے باعث ہونے والے نقصانات سےبچاو

  • 2 years ago

Postharvest loss prevention: mycotoxins in crops in Urdu (accent from pakistan)You can download this video here: In nature, microorganisms can cause disease by producing toxins in our food that make us sick. One group of these microorganisms is called molds and they can grow on foods and animal feed to the point that we can see them. While growing in grains, nuts, and fruits, some molds can produce harmful compounds, known as mycotoxins that are invisible to the eye. When temperature, moisture, and other conditions are right, molds can grow on crops or food and produce these toxins. If you eat food contaminated with mycotoxins you can become very sick. This animation shows some best practices when it comes to storing your crop to prevent mold growth. 

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