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UKC plans with the Digital SMART Projector

  • 2 years ago

UKC being the leading Hydroponic Fodder Hub in Rwanda, is always committed to foster organic animal feed production that is climate resilient and has positive revenue returns to the rural farmers.

The capacity building through trainings has been our focus to ensuring informed practices for livestock feeding practices.

Through the technology, UKC has championed the technology transfer through installations, trainings and installations and more so carrying out some studies which will help provide evidence based decisions about the tech benefits.

The ERA smart projector by ACCESS Agriculture is an opportunity to translate the video training content domesticated into local language that ensures the understanding by the local Rwandans in their local Ikinyarwanda language.

The projector which has capacity to train a bigger number of people at same time, is also portable and easy to use in remote areas that have no access to electricity. The equipment uses solar power whose battery can preserve power to at least 6hrs. It has external speakers which is audible and loud enough to be heard over distance.

We thank Access agriculture through ERA program and all it's partners whose intervention will enable us gain more revenues through subsidized trainings as well as enriching farmers to get informed skills and knowledge of the feeding technologies of their livestock

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