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Agroecology Grassroots Solutions to Global Crises

  • 3 years ago

Agroecology Fund (AEF) launched a new video, “Agroecology: Grassroots Solutions to Global Crises”, a 7-minute short film featuring grantee partners, advisors, allies, and donors from the global AEF community. 

Filmmaker and photojournalist Rucha Chitnis is in conversation with Rutendo Zendah from the African Centre for Biodiversity in South Africa, Pius Ranee from the North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society in India, AEF’s Communications Lead Amrita Gupta, and Anna Lappé from Panta Rhea Foundation. 

From their diverse perspectives within the agroecology movement, speakers discuss the strategies they use to communicate the impacts of agroecology, and why, in the context of COVID-19 and the intersecting crises of hunger, poverty, and climate change, shifting the dominant narrative about food and hunger is more urgent than ever. 

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