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'Fairtrade Sustainable Sugarcane Intensification Project’ as a good agriculture practice in India

In 2020 October Fairtrade NAPP entered into an agreement with Max Havelaar Switzerland for supporting the farming communities in Asia to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 on their social and economic sustainability with the funding support of State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO). In India, the Fairtrade Sustainable Sugarcane Intensification (FSSI) Project was implemented by the Fairtrade Sugar Consortium group comprising of 04 sugar SPOs in South India.

The main aim of the Project was to empower smallholder sugar farmers by supporting them to produce organic sugarcane seed materials in the nursery with 25% ownership from each SPO and to create a stronger, resilient supply chain for Fairtrade sugar. The FSSI Project works on the concept of the ‘More with Less’ approach where simple agriculture innovations are applied for sugarcane farming using less inputs – water, seed, and fertilizer.

This Documentary film is funded by the European Union and it captures the overall aspect of FSSI as a good agriculture practice leading to climate change mitigation, water use efficiency, better yield etc for the Fairtrade small scale sugarcane farmers in India.

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