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Policy video - Advancing ecological organic agriculture in Africa (Long version)

In this video, three FiBL Scientists explain the state of scientific evidence and policy recommendations for advancing ecological organic agriculture in Africa. Overview from the long version of the video: 0:00 Introduction 0:35 Introduction to the problem, Irene Kadzere, FiBL Switzerland 2:33 What is ecological organic agriculture?, Irene Kadzere, FiBL Switzerland 3:00 Key results from the research projects, David Bautze, FiBL Switzerland 4:17 Policy recommendations introduction, David Bautze, FiBL Switzerland 5:00 Policy recommendations overview, David Bautze, FiBL Switzerland 5:34 Policy recommendations in detail 5:39 Policy recommendation 1: Enact policies and strategies for organic agriculture and food safety, Irene Kadzere, FiBL Switzerland 6:49 Policy recommendation 2: Make markets work for farmers and consumers, Irene Kadzere, FiBL Switzerland 9:03 :Policy recommendation 3: Address the distinct needs of organic agriculture, Akanksha Singh, FiBL Switzerland 11:04 Policy recommendation 4: Better networking and cooperation at local, national and regional level, Akanksha Singh, FiBL Switzerland 12:24 Conclusion For more about this, check out the complimentary policy brief: This video is a part of a knowledge series, which include training materials for farmer and trainers, covering topics like the ecological organic approach, soil, productivity, profitability, pest and diseases, and climate change adaptation. Check them out here: 

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