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The Public Policy Cycle for Family Farming

  • 2 months ago

Public policies are essential for family farmers to lead the transformation towards sustainable food systems. The public policy cycle model is a useful tool to analyse complex public policy processes. It can help actors to better engage in policymaking processes for family farming. In this example, the public policy cycle model is applied to the development of an Indonesian law on the protection and empowerment of fisherpeople, fish raisers and salt farmers.

The video features in the Learning Framework for Inclusive, Integrated and Innovative Public Policy Cycles for Family Farming jointly developed by FAO and IFAD in the framework of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028) /UNDFF/. The learning framework serves both policymakers and family farmers’ organizations to increase their capacity about policy design, implementation and monitoring, to build an enabling environment to reach the objectives of the UNDFF through contextualized and well-targeted policies contributing to the Agenda 2030.

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