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Strawberry pollination with Natupol bumblebees - S&A Produce

Customer testimonial from S&A, UK - Strawberry pollination. S&A have been using Natupol bees for more than 15 years and can no longer envisage producing a successful crop of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries without pollination of Koppert bumblebees. We all know that the number of naturally occurring bees is dropping and that it has become increasingly necessary to produce commercial bumblebees and other pollinators to meet the needs for food production worldwide. Research confirmed that bumblebees were more efficient pollinators than honeybees or any other previously used methods. Persistent innovation and intensive consultation with Natupol users over the past three decades has resulted in a well-equipped and technologically advanced hive from which our bumblebee colonies can do their work and achieve the best pollination results. The continuous innovations are the result of the changing environment, serving the needs of the bumblebees and our customers. Koppert has developed and designed its hives with a number of internationally renowned scientific institutes and universities in an on-going process that involves constant field trials, close cooperation with growers and our customer feedback. Trends, technology and growing conditions in both protected and outdoor crop environments have changed radically since Koppert first introduced its bumblebees to the market. Anticipating future challenges and finding solutions keeps our R&D department in top gear. Koppert today has bumblebee production plants strategically located in Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico and the USA to serve customers on five continents

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