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Weaners production

  • 1 week ago

Weaning is a process of introducing feeds to the piglets after they have attained the age of 8 weeks and then separated from their mothers.
Before weaning process, there are some process which precedes this:
For mating process to take place, a farmer is required to watch carefully on the heat signs shown by the sow. This signs include; restlessness, swelling of the vulva, lack of appetite and mounting on others. When this signs are identified the sow should be taken to the boar for mating. After successful mating, the sow is taken to the sowers pen to stay there during it gestation period which is 3 months 3 weeks 3 days.

When the sow is about two weeks to farrowing, the sow is taken to the farrowing pen. This is a designed structure that suits the farrowing process since; proper lighting is maintained, to prevent the piglets from the chilling effect which may end up causing pneumonia. It has also guard rail which prevent piglets from being injured by the mother. The pen also contains the feed troughs, dunging and creeping area. 
It is worth noting that a sow farrow at an interval of ten minutes thus the farmer is recommended to keep an close eye on the pig.

When piglets reach 8 weeks old, they are taken to the fattening pen. Here the piglets are introduced to the wiener’s meal. They are given 3kg a day, that is 1.5kg in the morning and other half in the evening. They are reared into two categories; some for beckon and others for pork. 
For beckoners to attain market requirement, they should be one year old, weight of 90-200 kg, and has a lean to lad ratio of 20:80 and should be smoked when taken to the market for selling.
Those reared for pork should attain the age of 6 months, a weight of 60-70kg, meat to fat ratio is 50:50 and are not smoked when taken to market. 

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