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When is grazing sustainable?

  • 1 year ago

Informative infographic video to understand the true impact of extensive (grazing-based) livestock farming on the environment. We break down the information into 5 large blocks: (i) Biodiversity, (ii) Carbon in the soil and albedo, (iii) competition for land use, (iv) competition for water use and (v) greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and their impact on climate change. For each block we give a series of reasoned explanations based on scientific data (some are actually our research at BC3 Citations (source of scientific data) are shown at the end of the video for each block. In the different sections, a series of myths that have been spreading about extensive livestock farming in recent years are dismantled. The objective of the video is not only to dismantle these myths about the environmental impact of extensive livestock farming, but also to be a useful tool to promote debate in this area.

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